en: was founded in Hong Kong in 2011, with the vision of driving the development of the everyday shoe one step further. With the endeavor to capture the spirit of modern life in the city, en: looks to bring forth chic designs coupled with functionality for the modern individuals who are active in the contemporary scene. The brand name en: stands for Exuberant Nation, which represents the generation of modern individuals who embrace a lively and colorful lifestyle. The colon signifies the numerous possibilities that could take place upon becoming a part of the Exuberant Nation.

With a strong dedication to blend the most comfortable materials with stylish sensibility, our designs are universally suitable to fit the occasion whether you are going to a concert, cruising in the streets under bright city lights, or working in the studio. The shoes are designed accommodate your needs anytime for any type of occasion. Our brand represents a classy and modern take on men"s and women"s footwear. Driven by sophisticated designs and innovative production methods, our shoes possess an elegant versatility that guarantees comfort and quality.